Toenail Fungus Home Remedies

The most common infection faced by many people is toenail fungus (living microorganism enters into a small trauma in the nail both finger and toe nail), usually they grow in moist warm condition inside our shoes and socks and shoes. As they grow they attack the proteins and make your toenail so harder and fragile. It's painful for some and some people may not feel. It is difficult to cure nail fungus. Several treatments are available are available in markets for curing nail fungus but toenail fungus home remedies are the most effective and can quickly treat them.

Some of the toenail fungus homes remedies are after taking a bath, water through the affected nail in distilled vinegar for few minutes which can kill off the fungus pretty quickly apply daily and dry it thoroughly. Take a nail file and fine file your nail to make patchy grooves on the top of the nail and rub the affected nail through with Vick's vapor rub - the eucalyptus in the Vick's kill off the fungus on the nail very faster. Apply tree tea oil on the affected nail twice a day, it kill the fungus and won't let them to grow, very effective it may some weeks to treat.

The most effective toenail fungus home remedy - take a turmeric powder and make it into paste and apply on the affected nail once or twice a day. The regular application of turmeric makes your toe nail soft and clean out off organisms and even cures the foot cracks. Another effective home remedy is henna treatment, take a bunch of henna leaves and make it into fine paste and apply it as a cap on the surface of the affected nail while henna is the best germicide destroys fungus in and around the nails Visit fungushackreview For More info. .

Another interesting treatment reduces the toe nail fungus - take a yellow colored well ripped banana and mash it into a fine with neem water (take a bunch of neem leaves and boiled them in a glass of water and concentrate it by about 15 to 20 minutes). Apply this banana paste all over the affected area let it dry for about one hour and wash away. This will reduce the fungus growth.

One of the best toenail fungus home remedy - take a tulsi juice (cluster of tulsi leaves grind it well filter the juice) with an equal amount of lime juice and the mixture on the affected nail twice a day will cure the toenail fungus and make your toe more beautiful ever.

The cheapest and purest medicine for toenail fungus is onion juice. Take a slice of onion and rub it over the fungus which penetrates into the nail (even harder nails) and destroy the fungus. The application removes the dead and affected cells as a sweat which cleans the toe. The best treatment ever won't let the fungus infection again. These are some of most effective home remedies which cure toe nail fungus more quickly than any other treatment.